TrannyTribe Doll

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Unique Decorative Art Doll


“Felicitations from the forest of Razz! My name is Shimmla Foo, infamous member of hippy tranny tribe, the Psychedelic BellaDonnas. If you’re feeling my vibe, I shall make permanent visitation to your home, where I’ll use my special powers to make you feel Razzy.

I am a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted doll with embroidered tats, sequin chiffon harems, beaded make-up and a pom-pom headdress. Made to take centre stage on your shelf or mantelpiece. Once you choose me I’m yours forever, so be sure to dig me real good before buying.”

One-of-a-kind art doll, 42.5 x 13cm.