Kingdom of Razz - Artefacts from another dimension

Kingdom of Razz featured in Glass Magazine

Media Love

Mwah! to Glass Magazine for their super-dooper write-up on us:

"Kingdom of Razz is an exciting new online boutique, offering an array of weird and wonderful artwork and artefacts. In short, this is a very different selection from the generic shopping, in which you find the same things over and over again, - regardless of geographic location."

Come visit Kingdom of Razz in a fabulous laurent chehere flying house!

High Flyer

Up, up and away in the windy pink skies! An amazing Laurent Chehere circus tent...

Kingdom of Razz loves Jonny Woo

Woo Who?

Yes, I do look a trifle like a trippy tranny art doll from Kingdom of Razz, but I am in fact the one and only WOO. And you?

Kingdom of Razz trippy tranny art dolls The Psychedelic BellaDonnas featured in Absolutely Magazine.

Media Love

Toot toot! Looking god-damned fantaaabulous in this month's Absolutely magazine - we're The Psychedelic BellaDonnas, trippy tranny tribe art dolls from Kingdom of Razz. Want one of us? Click here 

1970s Trannies, cool camp party goers, naughty suckers at Kingdom of Razz.

Oooh Cheeky

She's such a naughty sucker!

Conceptual art by Tereza Buskova. It's all about the true originals at Kingdom of Razz!

Witchy Woo

My name? I need no name, I am magic.  (Performance artist: Tereza Buskova)

Royal Razz man style, Decorative pink turbans, bejewelled objects and capes, oh yes!

Party Queens

Pink feathered turbans and dainty dancing shoes? Dahhhhlings, this is royal Razz man style.

Totally cool sculpture by Troy Emery. Surely he lives in the Kingdom of Razz, non?

Pure Evil

Shakka Shakka Booooooom! (Sculpture: Troy Emery)

Purple tribal dude photographed by Phyllis Galembo. She is sooo Kingdom of Razz!

Purple Yeah

It's all about the purple, yeah yeah. The purple, yeah yeah.  (Photo: Phyllis Galembo)

King Hibiscus of Razz, decoratively lounging in hippy glam style.

King Hibiscus

It is I, your king. Or is it? No matter. Soon they will disappear, the twinkles in your eyes. Stay. Recline with me. Let us drink them in for a moon cycle or two...

Chop chop! And off we go! A unique decorative feathered helicopter is the only way to travel in the Kingdom of Razz.

Chop Chop

A Kingdom of Razz taxi. Quite superior, no?

Cake Land by Scott Hove. Celebrating crazy cool original art at Kingdom of Razz, new arty concept store.

Cake Land

You bite me, I bite you back. (Art: Scott Hove)

Magic neon sign, Kingdom of Razz arty concept store.

Like Magic

3 2 1 Poof!

Look at my fine mask with three faces, a unique work of surreal vintage art, no less!

Face Time

So many faces, so little time...

We're a trio of giant paper mache head monsters roaming through Kingdom of Razz. We feast on cool original artworks and quirky decorative objects..."

Look Out

They're coming!

Crazy cool hair wig by Charlie Le Minu. Celebrated on Kingdom of Razz! Follow me into a world of unique artworks and quirky decorative objects..."

lovely locks

Just back from the hair-Razzers. Do i look hot or what?